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The subject for September’s online competition was “Food”. Maybe because of holidays etc. it did not attract as many entrants as normal but the quality was a high as ever. No strange takes on the subject this time so each image conjures up  a taste – and some of the images themselves look good enough to eat. The judge this time was Les Forrester. We have all admired his wonderful images over the years so now it was his turn to select his pick of the crop. As usual he gave  a good appraisal of not just the winners but of every entry. Here are his words.

Below are my results and comments ref the onine food comp for September.
1st    Apples   –  With a low entry this image stood out from my first viewing, the lighting works ok and most of all they look inviting to eat, on the negative side a little to much of the water spray and the black backgound is a little dated now.
2nd    A Cream Tea – Just missed the first place as I felt it was too arranged, which is one of the hardest things to get correct in food photography 
3rd    Ready for eating – I like the angle on this and the addition of the text 
The other six were good efforts but “Black Magic” too much dusting around the chocolate, “Garlic” it just looks a bit flat and static with the subject central in the frame, “Organic carrots” wasn’t far off a placing but it needed may be the addition of other props to help with the composition, “Tomorrow pal you’ll be chutney” artistic but too arranged and with the black background the uniformed look didn’t shout eat me, “Freshly caught mackerel” a good attempt at food photography and another that was in contention for a place, just lacking another prop maybe. “Natures natural bounty” I like the simplicity of the image and the depth of field used but its just lacking sharpness in those dark berries
Les Forrester BA Hons, AFIAP ARPS, DPAGB, BPE2

So now you want to know who were the authors. Well, “Ready for eating” came from Nigel Hazel, “A Cream Tea” came from Steve A Wood and the winner (and my pick as well) with “Apples” was Steve Ininns. Well done to all concerned. Why not feast your eyes on the images in the gallery below (or view them here), but be warned – you could be hungry afterwards!

Next month’s online competition has the subject of “Chimneys” which I guess will be a first. Look out for photographers with stiff necks from looking up too much. As usual the deadline for uploading your images is the 20th of the month so you have plenty of time to find your favourite chimney. Why not have a go.


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