Sports Images with IMPACT

Sports Images with IMPACT

It was much more than the images that created an impact for a full house of members and guests at Wakefield Camera Club on Monday evening, it was everything about David Keep. The whole evening was such a treat. The presentation was professionally slick with a seamless mixture of slides and video, presented with enthusiasm and honesty that I am sure will encourage many members to get out there and have a go. As David repeated throughout the evening, he does not have any hidden secrets he has just worked hard to gain access to sporting events that has allowed him to produce multiple national and international award winning images. If he can do it then anyone can do it.

David is an image maker with the aim of producing sports images that have impact for the purpose of entering and winning photographic competitions, they are not just record shots, they are not necessarily even reality, they are his romanticised view of the endeavour and drama within the chosen sports.

David covered, Tennis, White Water Canoeing, Cross Country Horse Eventing, Athletics, Squash, Contact Sports and Speed Skating and for each he explained how to gain access, what worked best and what did not work, his camera settings, the best places to be positioned and how much fun they were to photograph. Each was given a score out of 10 based on each of his criteria, one of which is the amount of effort involved in exchange for competition success.

Throughout the evening David explained everything there is to know, he kept absolutely nothing back, including how he edits the images, such a refreshing change. He makes no secret of his desire to help and support other photographers, he clearly loved answering the questions and interacting with the audience.

David has made his complete presentation slides available here and if you missed the evening or did not note down the password it will be in the next club newsletter. David does not only produce sports images and it is hard to imagine where he finds the time for anything else but if you take a look at his website you will see that he excels in many different genres.

A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking evening. Thank you David.