Steve Howdle & Stephanie Thornton on Models

On the evening of Monday 42nd July the camera club hosted a talk given by Steve Howdle and Stephanie Thornton entitled “Everything you need to know about model photography”.

In the first half Steve and Stephanie went over their backgrounds and explained how they had got to the positions they now have. Steve was an engineer but took the “opportunity” of redundancy to move into photography and started a full time course. He got a break when a colleague asked him to help at a shoot for the hairdressers Toni & Guy which led to a further shoot after the course. They wanted to use the images  and this led to him spedcialising in Hair and Beauty. BaByliss employed him for a shoot for a rebranding and it all took off from there, being published in various magazines and being tagged with the title “Lighting Guru”.

Stephanie’s route was completely different. She did a course at school with some friends and after some persistence managed to get a Saturday job at a photography studio. She then became a professional at 17, was running the studio by the age of 19 and set up her own business at 23. Her studio was tiny but she managed to produce images that belied its size. Her career was completely different with no formal courses but with plenty of experience and creativity. She likes to be spontaneous and creative whereas Steve likes to have all his shots planned, knowing exactly what he wants before going into the studio. Stephanie showed a short slide show entitled Fine Art Fantasy which had some tremendous portraits.

In the second half Steve and Steph, with the aid of 2 volunteer models demonstrated their lighting and shooting techniques. Steph managed to set up the lighting and the model very quickly and obtained wonderful images. Steph demonstrated how she communicates poses to model using her hands and arms rather than words. It was quite amazing to watch as novice models could adopt exactly the pose she wanted very quickly and naturally. Throughout this Steve and Steph answered the many questions from the audience on models, providing lots of useful information. They were a very good double act batting questions backwards and forwards to provide answers. The session went on far beyond the normal finishing time and the audience were appreciative. You can see some of Steve’s  and Steph’s work here.


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