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I don’t normally use the website for reporting stolen goods but I am making an exception this time. I have received an email from a professional photographer in Leeds reporting that a lot of his gear has been stolen and that we should be aware if offered anything like it I have copied his email below and if anyone has anything to report please contact me at and then I can pass it on to him.

I am a professional based photographer in Leeds and yesterday I had quite allot of photographic lighting equipment stolen in the Rothwell area.  Sorry the list is long but there are pictures to look at if easier too of most of the items. Please share you never know things might appear on Ebay, Gumtree Facebook Market etc, it would be much appreciated.

Summary of the main contents stolen are various photographic equipment in 6 bags made up of 1x Black hard case on wheels the size of a small suitcase and 5x soft material bags. The total contents are very heavy with an estimate 30-40KG in total weight.
1.Black Pelli 1440 Hard case with wheels and carrying handle see pic _001a and 001b
(Contents of Black Pelli 1440 hard case) 2 x Profoto B1 Flash Heads in good condition see pic _002 2x Profoto Battery Charges in good condition see pic_003  x Profoto Air Remote case (pic_004) containing a Profoto Air Remote (pic_005)

2.Grey Elinchrom Lighting stand carrying bag in tatty condition with hole in around the zip part see pic _005 of illustrative example but not actual bag. (Contents of Grey Elinchrom Lighting stand carrying bag). Various photographic lighting stands in different sizes see illustrative pics _006 _007 _008 as example of contents.

3.Black Canvas lighting stand bag non branded in tatty condition similar to pic _009 (Contents of Black Canvas lighting stand bag) Various photographic umbrellas see pic _010 and _011 as examples.

4.Green/Black photographic thin bag containing 2x aluminium photographic lighting stands and pole see pic _012 as example

5.Gitzo Black small padded tripod bag containing carbon fibre tripod and silver photographic monopod see example pic s_013, 014 and 015 (Note this pic is Black stolen item is black and silver)

6 Blue (New condition) material Lastolite carrying bag containing various photographic reflectors and aluminium poles and accessories see pics 016, 017, 018

Please note these pictures are not the actual items but in most cases are the exact make and model. Some of the pics are the closest sourced reference image available. There are 20 pictures are available if needed but there could be 25-30 items in total contained in this kit as at this time struggling to remember everything taken.

Kind regards

Unfortunately the pictures were not attached to the email. Please keep your eye out for these items as they are his livelihood and if you come across anything please let me know at 

Steve Wright

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