Successes for Les Forrester

Les Forrester has been a member of the club for many years and has walked off with just about every prize the club has (it must cost him a fortune in silver polish!). In recent years he’s been studying for a photography degree and submitting images successfully to competitions, salons and exhibitions nationally and internationally.  Recently he again entered the prestigious London Salon of Photography which draws entrants from around the world. This is a print only exhibition / salon and most photographers who enter these exhibitions will tell you having just one accepted at the London Salon of Photography is an achievement in itself. Last year he was lucky to have one accepted. Earlier this month Les was delighted to find out two of his prints had been accepted into this years 103rd exhibition and one of the prints had been awarded a coveted London Salon Medal. Only 10 medals are awarded each year so this is one of the most sought after accolades available. He will collect his medal on Saturday 24th May. The heartiest of congratulation to Les and you can see medal image below.

It doesn’t end there, though. Les’s work has been selected in salons and exhibitions all over the world. This has allowed Les to apply for the AFIAP (Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art) award. This really takes some doing. For the AFIAP you need  50 acceptances with 20 different images from 13 different salons in 8 different countries. Les managed to have 111 acceptances with 27 images in 21 different salons with 14 different countries – far above the minimum required, even though this minimum is that high that many photographers can only dream of achieving it. To make it even more impressive, the numbers have to be achieved IN A TWELVE MONTH PERIOD! In the UK there were only 102 applications for all the different awards of the FIAP this year and not all were successful. What can we say but “Well done Les” again, knowing that it is a bit inadequate.

For members who have seen Les’s work over the years, these awards are  only what Les has deserved for his work. Here’s the image which won the London Salon Medal.


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