Sunset winners

The topic for the online competition for June was “Sunsets” and it’s clear quite a few people like looking westward when in other parts of the world. Exotic locations doesn’t really cover it! All seemed to have a very peaceful feel but it was anything but peaceful for the judge this month, Malcolm Dobson, as he had to decide on the winners. Well he’s had enough time to gaze at them and make up his mind so here are his comments.

This is an excellent set of images and it has been enjoyable trying to determine the winners! Many thanks to all the entrants for your excellent submissions.   It’s easy being a judge because one thing is certain – they will always upset somebody with their decisions!! – there will be only one happy entrant – the winner!!!  So here are my placings ….

First place goes to “Sunset Over Eigg” – a particularly outstanding sunset shot, well controlled exposure with effective impact. This successfully captures the clouds’ texture and pattern which compliment the formation of the estuary. The photographer has positioned the camera to maximise the sunlight reflecting in the water; this also provides good texture to both land and sea. A great shot for a mural, calender etc.get it framed and sell them!! the photographer, well done.
Second place goes to “Fire in the Sky” – a strong impact shot, good cloud rendition with the radial sun beams providing effective perspective. The foreground of  trees may be dark, but still plenty of detail giving added depth to the image. I find this an interesting and compelling picture, well exposed.
Third place is “Sunset at Ladybower – This study kept vying for first or second place; in the end I felt that it does not quite have the impact required for this subject. However it is a great shot, the sun on the horizon with radial sunbeams bringing the viewer into the lake and then up to the rocks in the foreground. Good controlled exposure and use of depth of field make this a compelling image.  Another one for a calendar!

PS!!!! If I should judge these another day I may get a different order for images!  All the best.

Well that’s that then apart from the names of the winners. Well in third place with “Sunset at Ladybower” was Neil Carter and in second place with “Fire in the Sky” was Robert Bilton. Riding off into the sunset (sorry) with first place was yours truly, Steve Wright, with “Sunset over Eigg”. Congratulations to all. Did you agree with Malcolm ? (I certainly did!). Have a look at them below. On a personal note I sat on that beach (where Local Hero was filmed) with my 6 year-old granddaughter and got her to sit and watch the sunset develop and took a whole series of shots. She quite enjoyed it too. 

Anyway on to next month. As a complete contrast to all the reds, oranges and yellows of the June competition we have the subject of “Monochrome” for July so it’s time to get your rolls of Ilford FP4 out …. oh sorry I’m just having flashbacks. Just submit your monochrome entries in the normal way and we’ll see just how creative people can be without colour!

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