Complete – Switching to a Secure Website

01OCT17 @ 06:50 

Switching to a Secure Website
The installation of an SSL Certificate to the club website seems to have completed ok, we are now using the latest recommendations for website security so it now time to update your browser bookmarks. Please either delete the old bookmarks and replace with new bookmarks, alternatively edit them to include the ā€™sā€™ – becomes
Please contact the webmaster if you experience any problems or have suggestions for things you would like to see on the website.
28SEP17 @ 17:12 – I plan to start this activity first thing on Friday 29th September so there may be an interruption to service. I will let you know when the work is complete, hopefully it will not take too long, but it might run into early next week.  The website should still be accessible for the majority of the time but there may also be periods of downtime.  Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing

27SEP17 @ 08:37 – Switching to a secure website – The industry is upgrading so we should join in. We are being encouraged by our website hosting provider to improve the security of our website by moving our website to SSL. The impact is that we will switch from http:// to https:// – the S stands for secure and you can read more about it at this wiki page. If members want to understand what is involved then this blog by our hosting provider might help. Over the next week or so there might be periods where the website is unavailable but we will post any planned outages on the website in advance and we will let you know when the work is complete. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the webmaster at  Thank you for your support.

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