Table Topping Evening at the Club

On Monday evening 27th October the meeting room at Brookhouse Club was given over to a practical session on desktop photography. About 7 tables were set up by members, complete with mini studios and lights reflectors with a choice of subjects  and backgrounds. As the evening got going the room was absolutely packed and a large turnout of members had brought camera, tripods, flashguns and a lot of enthusiasm. People moved from one table to another and there was always someone on hand to guide and advise when needed. The cameras ranged from mobile phones, through compacts and bridge cameras to SLRs of great sophistication. Everyone enjoyed the challenge of getting a different shot  and many realised the potential for doing all this at home. Quite a few were enquiring where they could buy the mini studios (not expensive – mine only cost about £25 complete with lights!). There was also a lot of chat and comparing of shots which made for a busy and satisfying evening. On top of that any shots from the evening will be able to be entered into the November online competition – subject “Lights Night”.

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