Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Then I’ll read you the results of the March Online Competition

The theme for March’s online competition was furniture, which sounds easy until you put your mind to thinking about what you can make an interesting shot of. However it was no real trouble to our members with subjects ranging from whole rooms to details, interiors and exteriors and new to old. Robert Bilton was our judge this month and he has considered, debated and finalised his results and made his comments. Here they are.

First Place – A Room Full of Furniture You Must Not Touch. – This image definitely lives up to its title.  A well composed image with its soft subtle tones and perfectly lit showing detail in all the furniture.   Well done to the author.
Second Place – Furniture –A really well exposed image with rich and vibrant browns in the flooring and wall panels. The image is sharp throughout allowing you to see all the detailed wood carvings in the bed and chairs. My only slight concern is the fire exit sign above the right entrance, it does to stand out a little and could be cloned out or some crop applied to the right of the image.
Third Place – Sofa Citizen – An interesting image, what I particularly like are the coloured and patterned cushions which contrast well against the dark brown settee. Maybe a slight cropping on the top section of the image may improve it slightly as there is a tendency for the eye to be drawn to the bright lights in the top left of the image.
Highly Commended – The Patina of Generations – I like how the author has just concentrated on a section of furniture, with its rich colours and dark background it really make the image stand out.
Commended – On its Way to its Final Resting Place – Top marks to the author for spotting this image. Unfortunately, this is where most furniture tends to end up at the end of its life.   

Thanks for all that Robert and now to put the names to the images. With Commended was Keith Nunns with “On Its Way To Its Final Resting Place” and Highly Commended was Steve Wright with “The Patina Of Generations”. In third place was Tim Jonas with “Sofa Citizen” and in second place was Neil Clarke with “Furniture”. At the top of the pile (again) was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “A Room Full Of Furniture You Must Not Touch”. Well done everyone. You can cast your eyes over the entries below and see whether you agree with Robert. Next month the subject is “Looking Down”. It’s certainly one to get you scratching your head but there’s plenty of time to get your entries in.

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