The 2014 AV Competition Evening

On Monday night, 6th October, the club held its annual Audio Visual Competition. Members were treated to a fascinating variety of audio visual presentations produced by the entrants. The topics were suitably varied and included” Discovering the real identity of Santa”, an interpretation of the Squeeze single “Up the Junction”, a tour of the Isle of Wight, a different view of “My Hero”, an art work in the Chantry Chapel and a thought provoking comment on fallen soldiers to the accompaniment of Bruce Springsteen. All of them were entertaining and it was difficult to pick winners. They were judged by those members attending that evening. Trevor Bottomley was placed third with “The Isle of Wight”, Neil Scarlett was second with “The Wall” and the winner (again) was Sally Sallett with “Up the Junction”. Congratulations to them all.


To round off the evening there was a digital projected image presentation showing the accepted entries in the Neath Salon. It clearly showed the high standards which should be aimed for and real quality which can be achieved. In all a varied and interesting evening.

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