The 2015 Annual General Meeting

Tonight it was the Annual General meeting of the club and it was heartening to see so many members present. Running a successful camera club takes a lot of effort and thanks must go to the committee and officials who have put in large amounts of their own time and made this a successful year. As usual there was lots of business to get through on the evening but the preparations made in advance by the committee ensured that matters progressed quickly.

The headlines were

  • Last year’s minutes were approved with no matters arising
  • The treasurer’s report was read out, explained and approved
  • Membership fees held at current rates
  • The President’s  report which reviews the past year’s activities was read out and accepted
  • Approval was given to rule changes for the appointment of President and for amendments to competition rules
  • Subjects for the coming year’s monthly online competionwere suggested for committee approval
  • An election was held for the post of President and Vice-President. Steve Womack was elected President for 2 years and Sally Sallet for Vice President for the same period. Thanks were given to Sally for her work as President for the last two years.
  • The remainder of the committee was appointed “en bloc”.

The full minutes of the meeting will be on the website in due course (look under the “Club Info” menu item and select “The Committee”) or click here to take you there.

In the second half of the evening there were a good selection of A/V presentations from members to demonstrate what can be done and the different approaches possible. In the coming year we are hoping to raise the profile of A/V and these gave everyone some ideas to work on. Subjects covered included Whitby Goth Weekend, Dublin, a fantasy based on Great Expectations, a personal review of one person’s photographic year, Provence, interpretations of When I’m 64 and Up the Junction – as you can see a wide variety.

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