The 2015 Beginners’ Workshop – Week 3 – Composition

Once again there was a full room as everyone returned for the third of Ken Fisher’s Beginners’ Workshops.  It was very encouraging to see how many of the weeks one and two attendees had returned to hear Ken talk about composition.  Despite our best efforts, sometimes the image we capture does not quite match what we saw when we pressed the shutter button. Ken explained the basics of composition – how all the visual elements in an image are arranged. There are various “rules” which can help create an interesting and effective image, even though they have to be broken sometimes! Ken used plenty of practical examples to explain these and how to use them to get the image looking how you want.  Now in addition to exposure and focus learnt during weeks one and two the eager attendees know the basics of composition learning about the basic rules including the Rule of Thirds, Balancing Elements, Leading Lines, Symmetry & Patterns and the Fibonacci Spiral – there are many more….

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