The 2015 Beginners’ Workshop – Week 4

Ken’s final week of his 2015 Beginners’ Workshop started with a preview and critique by Ken and many of the members of the images that had been submitted since the previous week.  All the images were excellent and demonstrated many of the examples and techniques learnt from the previous three weeks of the 2015 Beginners’ Workshops.  Ken went on to demonstrate how one or two of the images might have been improved with a little editing and adjustments.

The next part of the evening was given over to the subjects of White Balance and the Histogram, the importance of  both and how to understand and influence them.  For White Balance Ken showed a video by Mike Browne which can be viewed again here.  Ken then spent some time explaining about histograms, how to read them and how important they are to ensure you get the quality images you are looking for.  The histogram on your camera will tell whether you image if under or over exposed and once you get experienced you can even tell if an image lacks contrast by looking at the histogram. It is worth taking the time to read the manual for your camera to learn abut both the White Balance and Histograms or if reading is not for you then Mike Browne a firm favourite of Ken’s has over 200 free videos you can watch on his web site that can be found here.

It has been an excellent few weeks and I’m confident that everyone who attended will have learnt at least one thing or have been reminded about something they should really have remembered.  I’m sure everyones photography will improve as a result.

The finale of Ken’s summer spent up north in Wakefield were the results of the competition with the winners selected from the images submitted for Ken’s review. Well done to all those who entered and congratulations to the winners, their images can be seen below.

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