The 2015 John Gardner Retrospective

It doesn’t seem a year since John Gardner, professional photographer and club member, gave everyone his last “Retrospective” but here he was again with an evening of his superb images shot over the last year. With reference to the club’s Audio Visual competition, John started with a quick A/V to introduce the breadth of the work he has covered over the time and to show how relatively easy it is to produce an effective A/V presentation (members- please note for the next A/V night!).

The first part of the evening proper showed a small glimpse of John’s commercial work and he gave lots of information about how he sets up the shot and lights it, to try and get something a little bit different and give the customer what they want. This included work for legal firms, transport companies and some wedding work, although John has done less of this in the past year.

From there we were transported into the world of natural history – one of John’s favourite subjects. There were magnificent photos of birds of all types from blackbirds to golden eagles and from woodpeckers to vultures.. For these shots John travelled all over Europe and he explained how he got some incredible shots, all delivered with his normal humour. The packed house was held throughout by both John’s commentary and the stunning quality of the images.

In the second half John showed a lot of his work with models. There was a wide variety of both subjects and treatments. For just about every shot John explained how he had used natural light, studio light and flash to create the effect he wanted. It made it much more than a set of images as the audience obtained a real insight into how some of the effects had been obtained and then how it could be applied to their own work.

As always, a report like this can only scratch the surface of this wonderful evening. Suffice to say that the audience gave John enthusiastic thanks at the end of the talk. Now we can all look forward to next year as John 2016 retrospective is already booked and in the calendar!

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