The 2017 Beginners’ Workshop continue – Week 3

Once again there was a full room as everyone returned for the third of Ken Fisher’s Beginners’ Workshops.  It was very encouraging to see most of those from the previous weeks plus some first time attendees all waiting eagerly for Ken to build on the previous weeks’ knowledge and skills.  In weeks one and two Ken had concentrated on the camera and the mehanics of capturing an image. Now he concentrated on composition – the point where the photographer themselves decides what the viewer is going to focus on. Using lots of examples he showed how the eye and brain combine in perception. He also showed how some simple compositional “rules” can have a dramatic effect on the resulting image and how the viewer perceives it.

Using a mixture of presentation, anecdotes, jokes and practical demonstrations Ken clearly explained that no matter whether you are using a compact camera or the latest digital gadgetry the principles are the same and if you learn the basics of composition along with the knowledge from the previous weeks you will soon be able to get your photographs sharp, correctly exposed, with the desired depth of field that accurately represent the colours you remember when you took the picture. More importantly they will be photographs that you and others will want to spend time looking at. All of this was delivered in a highly practical way with opportunities for everyone to try out what he had just explained. Many of the existing club members were on hand to help in these tasks on a one-to-one basis. It all made for an enjoyable and useful evening.

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