The 2017 Beginners’ Workshop continue – Week 4


Another good turn out for this the 4th and final in this series of Ken Fisher’s workshops 

This evening Ken introduced several aspects of editing – and some new developments for Photoshop and Lightroom. Clearly this was for those who are well versed in the use of various advanced editing. One of the features is to ease selection of editing programmes; the ability to edit the toolbars to create a file of your preferred subjects, also selective by colour too for speeding up your search for the most used programmes. 

Some of  the interesting features were the ability when using layers to be able to modify two layers at a time using the same image details. Another feature emphasised by Ken was the “smart object” programme. This allows you to create “Indestructable Content Folders”….these are folder in which you can place images which then cease to be pixelated – it allows for a small image to be significantly enlarged and edited with no pixelation!  Then it can be returned to your JPEG file for application. 

If you’re into portraiture there are some improved blending techniques too, for example, minimise any burnt out highlights and retain a natural skin shading.

More digital pokery became evident when we were subjected to Ken demonstrating the “Content Aware” package. You know! if your subject is misaligned and you need to level up the horizon!  Often this will result in frustration as you can lose some areas of the image!  No more a problem with content aware it can assess the “off the paper” areas and replace with a suitable infil to match your photograph! 

When you use these programmes you will no doubt find many uses for some of these tools. An interesting evening enjoyed by all. 


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