The 2018 Beginners’ Workshops Have Started

Wakefield Camera Club kicked off the 2018 Annual Summer Workshops run by Ken Fisher, Adobe qualified lecturer and photographer.

A good turnout of visitors and members was very encouraging as they waited for Ken to remove some of the mysteries involving modern day digital image taking.  Starting from a base of what is photography and how we see ourselves as photographer’s Ken steadily built the processes layer on layer.  Ken is never short of a joke or two to add to his easy presentation skills which draws in the audience further into the information needed to develop a better understanding of what the modern cameras are capable of.  Using practical demonstrations and the use of video clips the basics of good photographic principles were explored with time given over for the audience to have a go at the methods described.  The principles explained are equally relevant to compact cameras as well as the latest DSLR offerings by the major manufacturers.

Some of this week’s topics included types of camera, focusing, correct exposure with a discussion on camera  modes and composition followed by what the symbols on the camera dials really mean.  The on-hand Club members were able to assist our guests during the practical sessions which all led to a successful opening evening of Workshop Sessions.  Feedback obtained from the audience after Ken had concluded was that they will be here again next week so don’t miss out.

Next week Ken will build on the foundations and will tackle the subjects of ISO settings, depth of field, exposure and a whole host of items that will enable you to understand more fully what your cameras are capable of.

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