The Results of the 2019 David Lockton Challenge

On Monday evening there was an enthusiastic gathering of members for the David Lockton Challenge. The David Lockton Challenge is a fairly new competition started in 2018 that has been dedicated to an ex-life-member who was always willing to share his knowledge and help especially with the less experienced photographer. Interestingly it excludes any member who has earned anything from their photography in the last 5 years, has been awarded any photographic distinction (letters after their name), won or been placed in any photographic competition or has had an image published professionally in the last 5 years. The judge for the evening was Peter Wells who s a regular winner of club competitions and a judge on the circuit as well.

The entries were up a little on last year which is a good sign that the competition is relevant to members. As expected Peter gave a full and entertaining appraisal of each of the images which was both helpful and informative. To aid his critique, Peter had done some of his own processing of the images to show what could be done with fairly straightforward work in Photoshop Elements which may be used by many members. This only went to show that just a little work could turn an “also ran” image into a “contender”. The images covered a wide range of subjects including meerkats, a cathedral, people, etc.

After the results had been declared there was a social event with food laid on by the club. This was a great time for everyone to catch up, discuss recent expeditions, comment on the images from the competitions, sort out problems, discuss the upcoming exhibition etc. etc. The evening was very enjoyable, thoroughly informative and friendly. I am sure David Lockton would have approved.

2019 David Lockton Challenge Winners

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