The 2018 David Lockton Challenge – The Results

On Monday evening there was an enthusiastic gathering of members for the David Lockton Challenge. The David Lockton Challenge is a brand new competition that has been dedicated to an ex-life-member who was always willing to share his knowledge and help especially with the less experienced photographer. Interestingly it excludes any member who has earned anything from their photography in the last 5 years, has been awarded any photographic distinction (letters after their name), won or been placed in any photographic competition or has had an image published professionally in the last 5 years. To add to the interest John Gardner was to judge the entries. Not only is he a superb photographer, but also a constant critic of out-of-date and uninformed judges. 

John started the evening mentioning that he was honoured to judge the new David Lockton competition, he has fond memories of David who was a member when John joined the club back in the 80’s. Next John gave his excuses for being an inexperienced judge as this was only his second judging but we soon realised that John did not need to give any excuses as it quickly became very apparent that John’s experience as a photographer was all that was needed to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. 

An excellent entry of thirty digital images had been provided to John in advance to give time for them to be reviewed, critiqued and judged.

The images covered a wide range of subjects including birds, a kingfisher and owl, buildings, a cathedral, castles and a lighthouse, animals, a squirrel and sheep and finally some people, some more real than others. We even had one image where the club member had done a handstand to capture it!

The key message that John had was about the need for a little more processing though he did mention the dreaded YPU judge ‘c’ word a couple of times. John commented that most of the images could have been improved by adjusting contrast, levels and colours and for many a little dodging and burning was needed. He did also suggest removing the odd distracting item. You can see the results of the competition further down the page.

After the break John talked the members through a selection of the images, but this time John had applied some additional post processing. There were gasps of wow and nods of approval throughout the room as John had added a bit of extra life and undoubtedly a few more competition points to the already good images. You can see some of the before and after images below.

The evening was very enjoyable, thoroughly informative and I am sure David Lockton would have approved.

2018 David Lockton Challenge Winners

John Gardner’s Post-Processing Examples


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