The Collaborative Approach by Natasha J Bella

The Collaborative Approach by Natasha J Bella

Wakefield Camera Club welcomed Natasha to our opening meeting of 2020 and we could not have had a better start to the year! Natasha was early to the venue and was set up in good time which allowed her to go round the room and have a brief personal introduction to our members before the start of the evening. A very nice touch which we later learnt was part of Natasha’s ‘Nice to Meet You’ collaborative approach aimed at putting photographers at ease.

Natasha’s presentation of the ‘The Collaborative Approach’ was excellent, an insightful talk about the importance of teamwork which Natasha knows is vital, whenever a photographer works with a model, in order to achieve the best results. Natasha’s own unique experience as a freelance and commercial model, and as a photographer and educator, makes her especially qualified to explain what it takes to create powerful, arresting, and Award Winning images of models, from Fashion, to Fine Art Nude.

Showcasing images from her portfolio, explaining the stories behind the photographs, and giving insights into the processes involved, Natasha has I am sure inspired, motivated and excited all the clubs photographers interested in working in this area. 

As a model, Natasha has featured in commercial work for global brands including Credit Suisse, Emirates Airlines, AirBnB and Old Mutual Wealth, to name but a few.  Working freelance, images of Natasha, achieved using her Collaborative Approach, have won dozens of awards in the UK, South Africa, Asia and across the globe.  Including awards from the Master Photography Association, the Guild of Photographers, and the Royal Photographic Society.

Natasha explained that she often works from her own studio in Leeds, where she runs regular sell-out workshops, as well as one-to-one tutorials, to help photographers better understand how to work with a model to secure great results every time. Click here for details.

Natasha said “I know that when a photographer, a model, a set, and a lighting set-up click is when the best results are achieved.  There is a way to get that “click”, and that’s what I love to help photographers understand”. It was very clear that Natasha enjoys here work.

After the presentation there was the opportunity for members and guests to try their hand at taking a few of their own images using a lighting setup that Natasha quickly assembled during the half time break. With her experience Natasha was able to provide the camera settings that would work best as a starting point for some great images.

Natasha had provided the members a great insight into both the life of a top class photographic model and explained how she is able to work collaboratively with the photographer to enable them both to have fun during the shoot and produce some really great images.

We received lots of very positive compliments at the end of the evening from our members. Thank you Natasha, I’m sure we will invite you back again.