The Cream of the Prints 2015

On Monday evening of 9th November the club had the judging for the Annual Print Competition. Although there are many competitions, each with their own rules, throughout the year, there are two competitions reserved for the end of the year where members can enter what they consider is their best work of the year, even if it has been entered for the other competitions. These are the Annual Digital Projected Image and the Annual Print Competitions. On that basis these can be seen as the “best of the best”.

Tonight was the judging of the  Annual Print Competition and Dave Burgess of Pontefract had the weighty responsibility of commenting on every print submitted and sorting out the winners. He had had the prints for some time to pore over and sort out his comments. In this competition there are two categories – Applied and Open. Unlike the Digital Projected Image competition, this one places an extra demand on the photographer – that of printing to a high quality. Many a good image has been let down by poor printing so the pressure really is on.

In the Applied section very little, if any, post image capture processing is allowed and there are strict rules covering the subjects and even the naming of the image. Possibly due to these rules there are generally fewer entries in the applied section and so it was tonight, although some prints in the Open category may well have been eligible for the Applied category – maybe something for everyone to consider next year. The standard in the Applied was high and a full range of subjects was on show – churches, landscapes, flowers, animals, people, birds and buildings. Dave Burgess gave each print due consideration and provided plenty of useful feedback for each one of the entrants. Due to the high standard Dave felt that there had to be some Commended and Highly Commended. Commended were Phil Gledhill with “Castleton School” and Glen Shute with “Great Tit”. Highly Commended was Steve Womack for “Toll Gavel Church”. In the end there had to be winners and in third place was Paul Wagstaff with “Male Fallow Deer”, in second was David Kershaw with “Atlas Fountain, Castle Howard” but the overall winner of the Applied section was Nigel Hazell with “John Foy in his Workshop”. Congratulations to them all.

There were far more entries in the Open section where basically anything goes. There is no restriction on subject, treatment, processing or title so free reign is given to the creative talents of the entrants. Dave was very conscientious in giving every single image a good and apposite critique. It was not easy to judge as the subjects covered just about everything – all the subjects in the Applied section plus trains, sculpture, ships, surreal images, sport, studio work – you name it, it was there. Again though there had to be some decisions made. Before announcing which were his favourites Dave Burgess commented that he could not believe he was only going to award “Commended” to prints that may well have won competitions elsewhere – such was the standard of the entries. Commended were David Kershaw with “Birth of a Star” and Sally Sallett for “In the Mix”. Highly Commended were Peter Wells with “Out to Sea”, Phil Gledhill with “XF” and Tony Hallam-Cutler with “Zombie Nation”. Taking the top places in the Open Section this year were Sally Sallett in third place with “Rosy Posy”, Phil Gledhill in second with “Lesley” and in top spot was Steve A Wood with “New Uniform”. Well done everyone and thanks to Dave Burgess for what was a long and difficult task well done. You can see a gallery of the winners here.

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