The Exceptional Talent of Les Forester

Geniuses, genii, whatever….I should have asked Nigel before I left the club yesterday to elucidate on what is the plural of genius…….but the presenters we have had at the club in the last two weeks – John Gardner and Les Forester – two of our clubs “local heroes” – are regarded as being at that original and inspired level by the mere mortals who gather as an audience to view and listen to such exceptional talents.

On this Monday night Les had prepared for us to view an eclectic range of his stunning images – cityscapes, reptiles, nudes, lots of “state of the art” European architecture, composites, landscapes and seascapes – and for the uninitiated listening to how he prepared his black and white final prints, often starting with what others might have thought as above-ordinary photography, this was a revelation.

This is about digital technical wizardry and transformation – the conversion of the ordinary by using a range of computer software to tickle the digital ribs of an image through a combination of much-studied technical ability acting in resonance with a level of unique and imaginative creative consciousness so that it becomes something “other worldly” in its amazing artistic quality and depth.

No wonder Les has so many photographic qualifications to his credit. No wonder the work he produces is tested against international players at salons where only the best image-takers are accepted. No wonder he comes up with wins time after time amongst the elite.

So, yes – we had over 50 members and guests in the audience to sit back and hear and appreciate the hows, the whys and the wherefores of Les Forester in his genial and helpful presentational manner.

We aspire to be like you, Les – but most of us will probably never get near such exceptionality. Our club is very fortunate to be the home club of such individuals.

Now then, where’s that dictionary……genius, genii, geniuses….”

(Thanks to Chris New for the report)

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