The final summer workshop takes place

Ken Fisher closed his summer season at Wakefield Camera Club with a fascinating look at “Composition”. For the first half of the evening Ken projected a number of images and invited comment as to whether or not the composition was good or bad. Ken then spent a short time explaining what could have been done to improve the image. For the second half of the evening Ken talked through and explained the different rules of composition, they including Centre, Rule of Thirds, Foreground Interest, Fibonacci, Colour (Warm and Cold), Rule of Odds, Framing, Perspective, Triangles for Group Shots and Lead in Lines – of course they are not really rules and should be considered more like guidelines – and once you have mastered the rules and guidelines you can then start to break them! Ken further demonstrated composition with a couple of short excerpts from Mike Browne; they covered lead in lines and simply moving the camera They can be seen at – there are many free videos on Mike’s site which is well worth a visit.

Ken closed the evening with a brief look at image editing software and and covered some of the basic tools you needed to further enhance your photography – in addition to the basic histogram found on most cameras your photography will benefit from controls like colour, exposure, cropping, resizing, healing and cloning (to remove distractions), compositing and retouching. Most of the imaging editing software available will do all the basic tasks including many of the free or on-line ones. Early in the evening Sally, the club president, told those present about the current offer from Abode which provides Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 & Lightroom 5 for only £7.49 a month – this special offer can be found at here – after the 29th August the offer reverts back to £8.48 a month.

Wakefield Camera Club would like to thank Ken for three excellent workshops which were enjoyed by members and fifty potential new members, who we hope will join the club after the August break. Ken will be providing some notes from his workshops which we will make available shortly – so once again a huge thank you to Ken and lets all get out there with our cameras and take some fun and competition winning shots.

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