The Fjords of Patagonia

Members from Wakefield Camera Club were joined by members from Selby, Harrogate and Pontefract Camera Clubs for a Zoom presentation by Julian Elliot on The Fjords of Patagonia – Journey to the end of the world.

Julian is an award winning professional freelance landscape and travel photographer as well as an occasional writer based in the Loire Valley, France.

Watch Julian on his travels in this Youtube video of his journey.

Landscape Photography at the end of the World highlights the first part of an epic journey which Julian took down to the fjords of Chile in South America.

On a commissioned trip for a cruise line he had the opportunity to see stunning mountain scenery; glaciers and get up close to some of the wildlife that inhabits this part of the world.

Julian said “To say the scenery was mind blowing is an understatement. Even breathtaking seems to not do it justice. It was quite simply awe inspiring down there and it’s a journey that can only be described as epic.”

Julian took the gathered audience through his images and explained the story behind each one as he went. Julian was keen to stress that on this commission the weather had to be portrayed as it was so that future guests know what to expect. The images we taken and presented largely as they were taken.

One of the challenges is the limited time, often getting just a few minutes at each location to grab the shots that captured the cruise, the crew, the landscape and the sheer scale and beauty of the end of the world. You can read more about Julian and his work on his website.

A great evening was enjoyed by everyone.