The Journey – The Results

The Journey – The Results

The January online competition has been judged by Patrick Maloney.

I only recently joined Wakefield camera club. I was familiar with its reputation for being one of the largest and most successful camera clubs affiliated to the YPU. After joining it quickly become apparent that I had to improve my photography skills, in order to be on the same playing field as other members. To say that I was surprised to hear one of my images had been awarded first place in the online competition would be an understatement. Also being told I had to judge the January’s online competition entitled The Journey was another big surprise.

The quality of your images is plain to see, so I decided to look for images that took me on a journey.

First Place. Travelling in Style and Comfort: – this image is telling me a story about people taking a journey that is not always a pleasure, but every day millions of people have to put themselves through it. Most of the passengers on this train are probably wishing they were somewhere else. The composition could have been better, removing the window to the right  and including a complete window to the left of the carriage would have been nice.

Second Place. York Departure: – throughout this image there is plenty of detail and it’s this detail that makes you look into the image. Everywhere your eyes stops in this image you can see people on a journey. Maybe a crop at the top, just above the Travel Information board and a crop to the right hand side would have removed the top right hand corner that is over exposed. I think this would have put you into first place.

Third Place. Chemotherapy journey: – this image brings me to the emotional journey, the journey that we all go through at some time in our lives. The image leaves you in no doubt which journey you are on. The composition and the detail are good, I’m thinking it may have been taken on an iPhone. Thank you for taking it and thank you for sharing it.

Highly Commended. The journey: – another cracking image. I don’t know whether you planned it, or it just happened in front of your camera. I just feel there is too much depth of field with the people in the background being in focus .The main subject is the silhouette of the person on the bike, but my eye is drawn past the bike and towards the women in the background.

Commended. Alice Finds the Door to Nowhere: – you have a great imagination and you must have a lot of patience. I can see the effort you have put in to this image. The only thing that let it down for me is the cloning of the same tree that appears to the right-hand side of the image and the tree to the left-hand side of the door is the same tree that is in the foreground.