The lights are on Hollie this time.

The evening of Monday 29th June saw the latest of our long-running series of Lights Nights run by professional photographer and club member John Gardner. With him tonight was the model for the evening, Hollie . John brought with him two new studio flashes by Prophoto to let members see how this new gear could be used. As usual John kept the lighting set-up quite simple so that members could recreate it. He also demonstrated how the same background can appear as totally different tones, ranging from black to white, depending on the position and power of the lights.
After some really informative instruction it was the turn of each member to have some time to shoot and try to get the definitive shot of the evening of Hollie. Each member had a good amount of time and John was around to give help and guidance, especially for the less experienced members. The aim was simply for everyone to enjoy the evening, learn some more about lighting and go home with a memory card containing some really good portraits and judging by some of the images I saw on the camera displays it was certainly achieved. John also helped by giving Hollie some posing instructions and moved the lights around to demonstrate how different effects can be achieved and then allowing members to try out the ideas. In the first half the lights were used as studio flashes so it was one member at a time, with their camera controlling the flash set-up. After the interval John changed the lights to a constant light source. Although they were obviously less powerful in this mode it did mean that several members could shoot at once. At times it did resemble the paparazzi pack surrounding a celebrity! Hollie was wonderfully patient and tried to follow all the different instructions she was being given.
Again John had created an entertaining and instructional evening, full of practical hands-on activity.  A gallery will be on the website soon with some of the images taken on the evening.

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