The March online results are in!

The subject for March’s online competition was “Water” and there was certainly plenty at the beginning of the month. As deadline day was looming the rain stopped so people planning on a last minute shot and entry using rain had to think again. However it certainly didn’t put people off and, as usual, there’s a varied collection including water pistols and flowers with the amount of water ranging from a reservoir to a glass. Malcolm Dobson has taken a break from the heavy workload he has at the moment organising the YPU exhibition to judge the competition. He has looked at the all the images and deliberated long and hard. In the end he chose his top three and here are his words of wisdom.

There was an interesting selection of ideas here, and my comments on  a top three selection are as follows:
First – Water Sprayer – A good photograph, which immediately appealed to me. This image is well composed and exposed, with the spray creating an attractive misty effect, this softens the background below the jets of water which do have impact. The buildings beyond are very clear and sharp to further define the misty effect from the sprays. I would like to see an image without the small boat in the lower left which tends to detract, but also it works well and significantly emphasises the scale. Good shot! – was it a “snap” or carefully composed for the right moment?…Doesn’t really matter!
Second – Gotcha – An unusual and great fun picture with impact; an interesting and original approach to this subject. Lots of appeal (no doubt the family will be well pleased!) The soft lighting adds to the effect – for me I would like a bit more of the boy’s left hand side, which would then position the spray gun in a better position, maybe more impact as well. A good concept to do something different.
Third – Reflections on the Arnou – A shame this pic is upside down! The right way up it is a lovely riverscape beautifully sharp and well exposed. Could have been first!  The area of the darker buildings (to the right of this pic as submitted!) is a bit”heavy” – I’d take half of this away, which would offset the bridge. Because this is not a symmetrical image it would enhance the composition……..Well, I think it would and would like to see the result!!

A close runner here was Down the Plughole, nice and sharp with impact, but the whirlpool is cut off on the right which spoils the overall effect.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this competition. Malcolm Dobson

Do you agree with Malcolm? Have a look at the entries yourselves and pick a favourite. Next month the subject will be ……. MUSIC. It could get interesting.

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