The Old and the New

The Old and the New

The set subject for the September Online competition was The Old and the New. The judge this month was Augusts winner Peter Wells.

1st – Eric And His Great-grandchildren

A lovely family group made more endearing as Eric is having a snooze and apparently unaware of the group photo being taken. A good mono conversion and a nice touch having a slight vignette to focus us on the group. Well done!

2nd – Updating A Wrinkly Rocker

I had to chuckle at this one. A honourous take on the theme which must make any viewer smile. Something we all need nowadays. Colours and composition spot on!

3rd – Used To Be Fields

A nice contrast between the old and new, tied together with the crane and half finished building between. I would have cropped out the right hand building and figure as I don’t think it adds anything. The older building, the crane and the newer one on the left with the reflection are quite sufficient to support the theme.

Thank you Peter and congratulations to our winners. We move onto October and look forward to seeing entries with the theme of Movement. Entries must be submitted by the 20th October using PhotoEntry.