The Online results just Blue in

The Online results just Blue in

Michelle, our judge for this month’s online competition, has finished her deliberations.

1st – Blue Circle – Angela Crutchley-Rhodes
This one stood out to me, the composition was pleasing to the eye, and the lighting has been handled very well, especially the windows, where it would be easy to lose the sky detail. It may be that the sky was added later, but if it was, it was done very skilfully!

2nd – Rievaulx Abbey – Robert Bilton
I really liked this image too and it only missed out on 1st place because ,on my iPad anyway, it doesn’t quite look sharp enough. It’s a fabulously blue spectacle and was an event I had hoped to attend myself, but was unable to!

3rd – Glazed Expression – Malcolm Dobson
A fabulous abstract architecture shot. Well seen and photographed, has you continually looking around it to try to work out what’s a reflection and what isn’t!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that entered.

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