The results of looking through Windows

Given the title you may think this is an item on computers but no – the September online competition theme was “Windows”. Strangely enough (and thankfully) no-one sent in an image of their computer screen. However we did have entries looking at various window subjects, ranging from large architectural glasswork to small intimate windows. Paul Wagstaff had the job of judging this month and here are his top picks with his comments

1st  Place  City of Arts Valencia – A great monochrome  image showing the silver and grey tones and all the different curves  and shapes and different size windows very well seen

2nd place Traveller – Another good choice of monochrome showing of the triangular shaped windows well exposed for the outside light to show the buildings out side

3rd place Chapel Window Markbachjoch – Very well exposed for Both the inside and outside of the old leaded window

Thanks Paul for your work and comments. Now I bet you want to know whose images they were. Well in third place was Trevor Bottomley with “Chapel Window Markbachjoch” (although I nearly disqualified him for repeatedly getting my fingers knotted trying to type the title!), in second was Paul Hardy with “Traveller” but the outright winner was Michelle Howell with “City of Arts Valencia”. Well done to all three. Michelle, in particular, seems to be on a roll at the moment (and I don’t mean a 36 exposure Ilford FP4). You can see all the entries below with the authors. Next month the theme is “Transport” which is a pretty wide subject so you should have no difficulties in entering. Why not have a go.

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