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November’s online competition was themed on “Humour” so there was the opportunity for much fun to be had and, as usual, entrants saw humour in their own idiosyncratic way. Trevor Bottomley had the job of using his critical faculties to judge the winners without descending into fits of laughter (or maybe he did!). After due deliberation here are his comments

Well, there’s a good and varied selection of images this month. I must unfortunately dismiss one entry, as it was submitted by myself before I found out I’d got volunteered to do the judging! I think maybe a few of the entries though, as good, well seen and captured as they are, don’t show as much humour standing alone, and need the humorous title for them to work; my choices have humour even without titles – but the titles do enhance the silliness! After much deliberating my choices of the ones which to me have the highest chuckle factor are, in reverse order:

3rd – ‘Does My Bum Look Good In This?’. Not like our club members to take bum shots of course, but this shot of a bum is a great viewpoint! Quite abstract and a good symmetrical pattern shot too, as well as showing very good humour.
2nd – ‘Be Cool’. I rather suspect a bit of digital jiggery-pokery here! You don’t often see squirrels eating ice lollies – certainly not around Wakefield, anyway…but loved it!
1st – ‘Rude Words’. I think this had to be my winner, for what must have been a messy job finding and picking out all the appropriate spaghetti letters and arranging them! Good use of depth of field too, which helps the toast and rude words stand out well from the rest of the image.

Thanks for that Trevor. So now you want to know the names. Well in third place with “Does My Bum Look Big In This?” was Sally Sallett and in second was Paul Watt with “Be Cool”. The outright winner though Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “Rude Words” (my personal favourite). You can see them all below.

Now for December there is no normal competition as the top 3 places from all previous 11 months are put together, jumbled up and presented to an outside judge as on “open” competition and they have the picking the best 3 of the year. Could be interesting. A gallery of all these will be posted on here soon so you will be able to see the images which made it through to the “final”.

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