The Smart (phone) Winners

Well Jack Bunn has now had chance to look at the images (a bit delayed because there were problems with the host for the website last week) and he has come to a decision. Here are his words –

First I must apologize for the late result. As most of you are aware Steve has had a rough time with his computer and an issue with the web site. But we’re all OK now. 

Well you lot gave me task and a half. I couldn’t believe the quality of some of these images, they are cracking. I know apps are available for photo manipulation but I didn’t realise the range of them.

My 3rd place goes to “Darkside”. Although it’s grainy it’s just what I’d expect from a smart phone. It’s got the colours fantastically, just like a sunset. I like the silhouette effect with just enough light bleed around the face to make it more interesting.
2nd Place is “Waiting for Sunrise”. I swapped about with this and the winner. It’s clean and crisp with very good colour well composed and I like the portrait letter box format. The only thing I couldn’t get past was the cardboard box stuck on the end of the lens. Now someone’s going to tell me it’s the latest thing in NIKON filters, LOL. Never the less I really like it.
The winner is No 18 “Image”. The author of this image has put his/her photographic knowledge into his/her composition on a smart phone. The image is sharp, good colour, great depth of field and a little added interest with the couple on the beach. Great shot love it well done whoever.

I would like to commend one shot. “Cherry Ripe”. I remember an ex member who was, and probably still is, very good with a smart phone, she showed me a few apps and just what could be done. I think this does just that. An app for the fringing effect, an app for the boarder, an app for the crop and an app for the colour. I may be wrong and some of the app’s if not all are combined now-a-days. 

Ok that’s all from me and good luck to the next online Judge. It’s harder than you think. Regards to all entrants, thanks for your efforts. Jack

Now you’d like to know the names. Well Sally Sallett got the Commended for “Cherry Ripe”, Martin Fenton was third with “Darkside”, Peter Bindon grabbed second with “Waiting for Sunrise” but coming out on top with first place was Sara Cremer with “Image” (although I’m sure she meant to have a better title!). Congratulations to all and if you’re like me in the also-rans keep going and enter next month’s competition with the theme of TEXTURES. The gallery with all the names etc. is below. Enjoy and see what can be done with a smartphone.


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