The “Welsh Dragon” entertains Wakefield

On Monday night a good audience was treated to a wonderful talk by Margaret Salisbury FRPS FIPF MFIAP APAGB, also known as “The Welsh Dragon”. Despite all the letters after her name she told us to forget them all as you are only as good as your last photograph! Margaret’s amusing and informative talk included images from her recent travels to many parts of the world, starting with MY WALES and including images from Ghana’s primitive villages and had something for everyone. Topics ranged from Welsh slate to Moroccan villages, and landscapes to portraits. Margaret made no bones about the fact that some of her shots were “composites” (skies moved from one place to another, camels moved, some photographs a combination of 3 originals plus some additions in Photoshop) but explained that all these things would have been possible in a darkroom situation. Always the end result was a photograph of interest that provided not just a record but some involvement with the subject. Margaret was clearly involved with many of her human subjects and the story around the photograph was often as moving as the photograph itself. As shown by the applause and the questions, an evening much appreciated by the members.

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