It may be derelict but it was good – Third Round of the 2018 Clubman Competition is Judged

The evening of Monday 12th November 2018 saw the judging of the third round of this year’s Clubman Competition. As usual there was a large attendance to view lots of prints and digital images. This round of the competition had the set subject of “Derelict” so the challenge was to get some dereliction which has been made a little more difficult given the regeneration and clean-up projects that have been undertaken in the last few years. On top of which the concerns over health and safety have meant that many places are now very effectively secured with very little access possible.  

Tonight’s judge was Marilyn Roberts and she had the unenviable task of spotting and ranking the derelict entries! Marilyn started the evening with a brief introduction about how she reviews and scores the prints.  Throughout she provided valuable comments on every single print and digital image, offering feedback as to where cropping might have improved the image and the odd ‘bits and bobs’ might have been removed. It’s just this sort of feedback which helps everyone to improve their photography, whether they entered the competition or not. The subjects covered by the entries were very wide with boats (quite a lot), buildings, farm equipment, old engines,door handles and light switches amongst others. Marilyn said that it had been a very challenging topic, both for entrants and herself as a judge but regular competitions such as these were “breeding grounds” for creating good photographers.

First up were the prints and after all the scores had been decided, the following were Commended  – “The Castle of Broken Dreams” – Jane Lazenby and “Bricking It” by Sarah Hargreaves.  Highly Commended was “Dust to Dust” by Michelle Howell. The top three were, in third place “Old Tech” by Nigel Hazell, second place “The Remains of What Once Was” by Steve A Wood and top of the list in first place was “Final Mooring” by Sally Sallett. Congratulations to them all.

After a break came the digital images.  The standard was again high and Marilyn gave Commended to  “Dun Plowing” by David Kershaw and “The Fish Shop, Thorpeness” by Nigel Hazell. Peter Wells was awarded Highly Commended for “Rolling Stock”.  In third place came “The Abandoned Community” by Steve A Wood and second place went to “Who Lives in This House” by Sarah Hargreaves.  In first place, though, was “The Carpoch Wreck” bt Adam Shute. Well done and congratulations to them all and thanks Marilyn for making it such an interesting evening.  You can see all the awarded prints and digital images in the gallery below or by clicking here.

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