Time to get the gladrags out

Clothing was the subject for the September round of the online competition and we were well down on entries for some reason. Maybe members don’t normally take images focusing on clothes even though all of us wear them (well nearly all!). It’s a bit of a mystery really. Anyway we have the entries and the judging this month goes the way of Steve Womack, our East Coast representative and we will await his words of wisdom. In the meantime have a look at the entries and if it leaves you thinking “I could have done that” or “I’ve got an image like that already”, why didn’t you put it in? The subject for October is “Mobile Phone Images” so there is literally no excuse not to put an image in. We carry phones around all the time and the topic allows you enormous scope. All that is required is that it is taken on your mobile phone. Now that’s not too hard is it? Have a go.  As usual results will be posted on here in the next week.

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