Time to put your cards (or anything else) on the table.

The evening of 11th July saw a practical evening with a difference.  David Kershaw and Steve Wright brought along some simple and cheap lighting and other kit to set up a wide range of photographic opportunities ….. on the tops of tables! Table top photography is something that can be done in every house without a lot of kit and without spending hours setting things up. It turns the table into a mini studio so even if the weather stops you going out then you can still hone your skills.

David and Steve brought with them a vast (and eclectic) range of objects. These ranged from flowers to a skull, pebbles and pots, strawberries and old cameras – even a dinosaur!  On top of that there were wine glasses, water and food colouring to drop into them which led to some interesting images (and splashes that may take some time to clean out!). For a time David was seen dropping strawberries into a glass of water with a group of members all poised with cameras to capture the effect of the strawberry hitting the water – some with success! Throughout it all there were hundreds of images being taken by a steady stream of photographers and there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to learn from others, compare results, see the effects of altering camera settings and generally have a bit of fun whilst extending their camera skills.

A great, enjoyable practical evening full of chat, the sounds of shutters and a lot of learning taking place. Hopefully everyone will take home at least one idea to try. Thanks again to David and Steve for bringing along their kit and the objects to photograph.

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