Tips, tricks and more from maestro John Gardner

On Monday evening 16th April an eager audience of members at Brookhouse arrived to receive the benefits of John’s skills and expertise. He was hoping to spend the evening on processing techniques. Unfortunately due to his laptop screen being damaged hours before he was due to speak he had to “change focus” to nature photography. As many may know this is one of John’s passions and we were treated to the sight of wonderful nature shots.

 In the first half John concentrated on birds including grouse, black grouse, ducks, birds in flight, sea birds and birds of prey. Throughout all the images John gave an extremely informative commentary telling us about setting up the shot, his aims on taking it, lens choice, settings etc. – all the information you need to make your own shot a success. The quality of the images was superb showing great use of colour  selective focusing, composition and lens choice. 

In the second half John broadened his subject matter but staying with the nature theme. He showed us insects including dragonflies  butterflies, crickets before moving on to small mammals and landscapes and back to birds. The audience’s attention was held throughout with his humorous and informative commentary and everyone will be that essential bit wiser when they next go out on a nature shoot. It may have been John’s “second string” talk for tonight but there was nothing second best about it at all, as the warm applause at the end showed. In all it was a fascinating evening giving a wealth of information which I am sure will be tried out by many of the members. 

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