Tracey’s Wildlife Treats

Tracey’s Wildlife Treats

Members of Wakefield Camera Club were joined by guests from Pontefract Camera Club for Part 2 of Tracey Lund’s Wildlife Photography talk.

When not working shifts as an engineer for her local telecommunications company, multi-award winning Tracey spends all her spare time travelling near and far to photograph wildlife. Tracey has a true passion for wildlife which she is able to show through her photography. She spends hours in the field to experience the priceless feelings and says “…it is a true blessing to be able to take the time to sit and watch wildlife let alone photograph it. Sometimes it’s more important to experience the moment rather than miss it taking photos. There is no better feeling than having those magical moments that will probably never be repeated but stay with you forever.  These are the moments that come back to me when looking at my images and make me smile and feel so lucky in doing what I do.

The images were breathtaking and took us on a journey to Alaska to for the Bears and Yellowstone for Bison, Ermine, Coyote and Wolves. From Canada we saw Orca, Humpbacks, Bears, Sea Otters and Wolves and in India there were Tigers and Sloth Bears together with a selection of birds and waders.

They are all favourites location but the images from a private reserve in Zimanga which was built by photographers for photographers were clearly one of Tracey’s favourite favourites, she is planing to visit again as soon as she can. The images from the hides which are buried to take the photographer down to eye-level at the waters edge of the watering hole were truly breathtaking. Being able to stay in the hides overnight and get scarily close to some of natures most wonderful animals added to Tracey’s already great memories. Elephants, Giraffes, Lions and Zebras were among the many visitors.

Closer to home Tracey enjoys visiting the many hides across the country for the Little Owls, Ospreys, Pine Marten, King Fishers, Badgers and Squirrels too name just a few.

Tracey is always the last one back to the boat or the one to stay for that last image because she is always ready to expect the unexpected. If you get the chance to hear Tracey speak of her experiences and see the wonderful images, do not miss it, you will not be disappointed, is it a great treat. You can see more of Tracey’s work or contact her through her website.