Two Cameras Out and About

Two Cameras Out and About

It is several years since members and guests of Wakefield Camera Club welcomed Dave and Sheila. Last time they presented their ‘Pictures all Around Us’ show, this time their amazing prints were part of their ‘Two Cameras Out and About’ show.

Dave and Sheila are mainly landscape photographers, but within those landscapes they often produce images of patterns that show the geology of the location. One good example is White Pocket, Arizona, a Remote region of the Paria Plateau; swirling, multicolored formations of Navajo sandstone, including domes, hoodoos, gullies and potholes. Reached by a long drive on unpaved roads, some requiring a high clearance 4WD vehicle.

With a friendly rivalry the narrated journey left Arizona and the topics included Bluebells, Haw frost in Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, Dubai, Turkey and much much more. The prints varied from landscapes, urban, doorways and balloons.

They both enjoy presenting their images in panels, this is very effective especially when they combine images in portrait and landscape orientation within the same panel.

An enjoyable evening and we look forward to welcoming Dave and Sheila back with their next print show. You can read much more about Dave & Sheila and see many of the images that were in the show plus many more over at their website.