Using The Light

This evening was a purely print night with the presenters Roger and Judith Parry from Smethwick Camera Club using their prints to illustrate the theme “Using the Light”. As might be gathered from the title the lighting of photographic subjects, particularly models, was a key element of their work and it showed throughout the large number of prints they displayed and commented on.

Roger started proceedings with a short session on landscape prints before moving on to portraits and model work. Judith joined in on this subject and from then on it really became a team presentation with each having a slightly different take on the craft. For just about every print they talked about the lighting set-up with their clear preference being the use of available light, There were plenty of studio shots but equally many were shot at various locations in the West Midlands including the disused Wolverhampton Low Level Station. There was variety in the prints throughout with some monochrome and some colour, some using soft focus and some very sharp but all of them of very high quality. As a bit of a change Judith presented a fascinating section of “white on white” – white subjects on a white background – which was very effective.

During a constant stream of excellent prints there was a lot of informative commentary which was practical, down-to-earth and humorous. Roger and Judith showed many examples of how their use of light created designs and balance in the image. They both had clear ideas of what they wanted from a shot, whether it would please judges or not or whether it even adhered to conventional rules. It was a very good evening which showed what could be achieved with a fairly simple set-ups, available light and some imagination. It was clearly appreciated by the audience.


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