Visit to Walton Colliery Wildlife Park

Peter reports on last Monday’s socially distanced evening out:- 

Photographers – Great to see members out and about

Monday 10th May saw the first outing of club members for well over a year. Some 18 members met for a socially distanced walk around the old Walton Colliery site.

The weather was very good which is more than can be said for the photographic opportunities that evening. There were precious few interesting birds (that I could find) in attendance and even fewer wildflowers apart from the odd cowslip and bluebell here and there.

Where’s the birdie?

Nevertheless, it was a long awaited and very welcome opportunity to meet up and have a good chat with old friends and will hopefully pave the way for a return to some form of normality later this year. Peter Wells

As Peter says it was heartening to see so many of you turn out for the evening. It’s a shame that the flowering season has been held back by the weather. However, I do believe that this is a great place for wildflower photography and certainly worthwhile revisiting as the weather warms up.