Voyage of Discovery with Jane Lazenby

Voyage of Discovery with Jane Lazenby

This week members and guests gathered round their screens for the final week of the Summer Workshops. In the second of two weeks, Jane Lazenby demonstrated how she uses Photoshop as a canvas to assemble image elements into a single creative composite.

The evening started by reviewing and selecting backgrounds that might work with images of model Madame Ivory Flame aka Holly. Jane demonstrated how she loads a number of backgrounds into Photoshop along with the choices for the model then ‘rough cuts’ them together to get the look and feel of what works and what doesn’t.

This weeks challenge was to cutout the model and adjust the existing pose to fit the rocks of the chosen background, a clever technique is to add a blank layer onto which shadows can be added under the model but above the background, the effect was immediately noticeable.

Our model had to be warped slightly to make sure she was actually lying on the rocks and bit of her skirt where cutout onto a new layer and manipulated so remove the floating effect. Expanding on the demonstration from week one using layer masks and ‘hair’ brushes Jane skilfully adjusted the mask until the model looked like she was made for the background.

To adjust the colours and bring the elements together Jane used a combination of Look Up Tables (LUTs), Textures and Blend Modes, these brought the foreground forward and pushed the background back. Then will a mask on the Texture layers Jane was able to make black large expanse of an open doorway look like it was meant to be part of the picture.

Finally, the layers were flattened and Jane used Adobe Camera Raw to apply local adjustments, bringing the shadows up, the highlights down and adding localised clarity to sharpen foreground elements and blur some background elements.

This excellent evening finished with an enthusiastic question and answer session during which Jane mentioned that she uses and for free brushes and backgrounds.

Below are the original elements and textures Jane on this Voyage of Discovery.