It Was Wakefield’s Turn To Judge Mersea Island Competition

The meeting of Monday the 26th of February saw the judging of the latest round of the Mersea Island Photo Competition. This is a national competition for digital projected images organised by Mersea Photo Club and consists of two groups of six clubs and Wakefield Camera Club participates each year. Each group of six clubs compete between themselves and then the top three form each group compete against each other for the final. Wakefield are in Group 2 and like all clubs in the round we all submit 10 images and then collectively they are judged. The feature of the competition is that they are judged in each club with a different independent judge selected by that club. This means each club in the grouping will get to see 60 images representing the clubs and therefore can see everybody else’s work as well as hearing the judges comments. The judges selected by each club do not know which club submitted the work nor what mark had been awarded by any previous judge. This ensures that the same set of images are judged totally independently at each club. The marks are totalled for each club and as the competition progresses around the clubs it is only the total score for each club which is published. It truly is a club effort rather than individuals. Currently Wakefield are lying fourth and we were hoping for a good result tonight to boost our chances of going into the final.

The quality of the the images from the 60 items viewed tonight were, as to be expected, of a very high standard and Howard Tate, our judge for tonight and past YPU President, had the task of assessing these and providing a mark out of 10 as required by the competition rules. He introduced the evening by saying he prefers these inter-club competitions because the standard was usually much higher than internal comps. He said that he usually likes to spread the marks over a wide range to give a clear indication of quality but this evening the marks still bunched together due to the quality of the images. Howard’s task was not made any easier as there was a wide range of subjects covered by the entries. However he managed to keep the audience with him with his concise and informative remarks on every image. By the halfway point Wakefield were in second place, just ahead of North Norfolk and Dingwall. The parade of super photographs continued after the break with Howard keeping the pace going. At the end of the session the mathematics were produced resulting in a second place for Wakefield on the night, losing out to Colchester but just pipped East Ipswich by half a point! You can se4e below that the results were very close indeed which demonstrated the image quality on offer from the other clubs represented in our grouping. The final scoresheet looked like this

Colchester PS 90 Points
Wakefield 85.5 Points
East Ipswich 85
Dingwall 84.5
North Norfolk 82.5
Xrr PS 80.5 Points

We wait to see if we make it through top the finals but yet again an excellent night and thanks to Howard for the judging.


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