Wakefield keep top spot

On Monday 24th February the latest round of the Mersea Island Challenge was judged at Wakefield Camera Club. In this competition 12 photographic clubs from around the country compete for the Mersea Island Trophy. The clubs are split into 2 leagues of 6 and each club submits 10 digital images representing the best of their work. The 60 images in each league are then judged in front of all the members in each club by independent judges; a different one in each club assessing and scoring each image without knowing which club has submitted it. The scores are all totted up to find the winning club on the night. The scores from each judging are added up to find the winners of their league and then the top three in each league battle it out again in the same way to find the overall champion.

Coming into this fourth round of the first phase Wakefield Camera Club was in the lead of its league so everyone hoped for a good result tonight to keep them there. Paul Bullock was the judge and he gave each of the 60 images his careful consideration and provided good, insightful comments much appreciated by the audience. The natural history images (birds, animals etc.)  were of a very high standard with some amazing shots. When all the scores were added up ………. Wakefield Camera Club came top again, but only by half a point!! Well done to all who submitted images for the competition. The full scores were

1st Wakefield Camera Club 84.0
2nd Rochdale Photographic Society 83.5
3rd Colchester Photographic Society 82.5
4th Dingwall Camera Club 79.5
=5th Camborne & Redruth Camera Club 78.5
=5th XRR Photographic Society (Watford) 78.5

As you can see a very close contest. An entertaining and gripping night with a successful outcome for Wakefield. Who could ask for more.

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