Wakefield Wonderful at Wath 2017

Members of Wakefield Camera Club put up a really good showing at the Wath Salon whose exhibition opened on Thursday evening. A few members went over for the opening and had a good evening looking at all the acceptances. The Wath Salon is open to anyone with prints or projected images captured in the last 5 years. In each category a limited number are accepted and Commended is awarded to 3, Highly Commended to 2 and then there is an outright winner. Members gaining acceptances were

Chris Goodacre (1 projected image)
Michelle Howell (2 projected images)
David Kershaw (2 prints and 1 projected image)
Paul Wagstaff (2 prints and 4 projected images)
Peter Wells (2 prints and 2 projected images)
Steve Womack (1 Commended print and 2 projected images)
Steven Wood (1 print)
Steve Wright (1 print and 3 projected images)

A big “Well Done” to all those who gained acceptances, particularly Steve Womack for his Commended print. Across both categories the number of acceptances was 200 so Wakefield Camera Club received 12.5%  (1/8th)of them – a fine achievement. You can see all the acceptances here and hopefully there will be a gallery of the Wakefield acceptances on the website in the near future.


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