We were all in the dark!

On the evening of Monday 28th September about 20 members journeyed out from the club on a novel practical photoshoot. The aim was to find a dark place (i.e. no street lights etc.) so we all met at Old Park Farm near Stanley Ferry. It was a set of disused, dilapidated farm buildings but well away from artificial light. Torches and tripods were the order of the day (or more precisely, night) and we all had to take great care not to fall over bricks, stones, branches or each other – all but one of us managed that. The aim was to try out a very different type of photography where long exposures became normal and illuminating parts of the scene with torches became a fun activity. Instead of trying to modify images in Photoshop we were modifying them as they were being taken. A full moon detracted from the darkness but soon became an asset as it lit parts of the scene and parts of the sky. It is very difficult to convey how much fun everyone had trying this type of photography, with everyone learning from each other and discovering just what can be achieved. Some were more inventive than others – painting with different coloured lights, using sweet wrappers as coloured gels in front of torches and using fellow members as shadowy figures. If it seems an unlikely source of striking images just have a look at the gallery below and see what people have achieved. These are just the first 4 members who have submitted images and I’m sure there will be more so I will be updating the gallery so all can be seen.

The outing was a great success with everyone enjoying the experience and learning something. Make sure you don’t miss the next outing.


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