What a Match! One of the Teams Won.

On Monday night 10th November, the Camera Club ran a “matching competition”. Basically there were two teams, each having 24 images. One team would put up an image from their “bank” of images and the other team had to put one from theirs that they believed matched it in some way. Those images could not be used again. Neither team knew in advance the images of the other team. The two team leaders were Sally Sallett and Steve A Wood and David Kershaw acted as judge. David decided whether he felt there was a reasonable match and if there was, awarding a point to the better of the two images. As the evening progressed, the matches obviously became more and more tenuous as each team’s “bank” depleted. If this all sounds very organised and disciplined then it gives the wrong impression Each team could shout out arguments both in favour and against a match to influence the judge. Impartial members there were sometimes consulted by the judge – and then ignored. The scoring sounded logical, but didn’t seem it as the points were awarded. Some of the matches were surprisingly close (both teams had a shot of a car in their last couple of images!) but many drew gales of laughter from everyone present. In direct contrast to most competitions where judging takes place in near silence this was a loud, raucous and fun evening. David’s judging was always sound, but then he would award points quite arbitrarily to the confusion of many bringing howls of both protest and laughter. In the end Sally’s team may have been declared the winner but we aren’t quite sure (in any case Steve’s team should have been a clear winner – I was on his team).

It was a very different night, and everyone there had a really good evening and everyone wanted another one so keep an eye on the calendar to see when we squeeze another matching competition into our activities. A big thank you to David Kershaw for both suggesting, organising and “judging” – just get it right next time!!!!

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