What DID everyone make of these?

On the evening of 3rd July we had a successful launch of a new idea for a meeting. The basic idea is that some fairly standard, unprocessed images were distributed to members and they then have the opportunity to process them and use them as they wish. The results are then brought along to the meeting and displayed with the author briefly explaining how they obtained their version. Each person who had processed one or more of the images did the same so that everyone can see what can be done with an “ordinary” image, which might otherwise have been deleted.
In the event there were 7 images for people to have a go with and 11 members did just that and there were some interesting variations in treatment. Most were fairly straightforward – enhancing colour, converting to monochrome, cropping, cloning etc. Some were rather more imaginative – John Lewis car park sinking in a lake, talking cows, converting to drawings and creating fascinating patterns by repeating parts of the image. It was fascinating to see what everyone had done, and all the more relevant as it was fellow members rather than (say) an external Photoshop guru. As intended, there were lots of questions along the lines of “How did you do that?” so quite a lot of learning went on as well as it being an entertaining evening.
When trying out something new it is always a risk but this time it seemed a success. When everyone was asked if they would like a repeat in the future there was a resounding “Yes” so watch out for it. Thanks to David Kershaw for collating the originals and to those 11 members who processed the images and talked everyone through what they had done. I hope to put a gallery together with some of the images from the evening – watch this space.


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