Wheels of fortune – for some!

The subject for the April online competition was “Wheels” and plenty of thought went into producing a different image to what might be expected. In the end it was Sally Sallett who, as judge, had the job of picking out the best even though there wasn’t a wheel to be seen on her boat. She’s done the job, though, and here are her thoughts.

Who’d would’ve thought  judging something as simple as “Wheels” would prove so challenging? I ended up with 7 images vying for the awards! So, I finally whittled it down to the top 3 & a couple of Honourable Mentions.
1st – Fast Wheels – Spectacular action shot!  Pin sharp, great colours & an unusually uncluttered, diffused background. Excellent capture!
2nd – Fragile – Melancholy mono, well seen with great reflections in the chrome. (Lose the bright bit, top left!)  ?
3rd – Wharhol’s Wheels – Now, for something completely different!  Always helps to amuse the judge!  ?  Andy Wharhols’s signature toned images in a panel incorporating the proscribed Wheels.  Great idea & well executed.
Hon Mentions go to:-
Works Wheels – Beautifully symmetrical image that is well lit.
Wheel of Love – Oh, so cheesy!  A lovely composition (I suspect it was staged?) attractive tones, plus you even managed to include the moon!  ? 

So, it’s well done to all the winners, and better luck with the “Abstract” subject this month, to all those not mentioned.

Thanks Sally and now for the names. Honourable mentions to Nigel Hazell for “Works Wheels” and Sarah Hargreaves for “Wheels of Love”. In third place was Paul Hardy with “Wharhol’s Wheels”, in second place was Madison Bright with “Fragile” but in top spot was Dave Jones with “Fast Wheels”. Well done to them all. You can see all the ntries with the name of authors below.
Now the May subject is “Abstract” so that should cause a bit of headscratching for some and present a wonderful opportunity for others. Which category will you fall in to? Have a think and give it a go. The judging should be an “interesting” job! Deadline 20th of May as usual.

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