Your Number’s Up!

The subject of February’s Online Competition was “Numbers” and a number of members submitted images using the theme in a variety of ways. The judge this time is David Kershaw, and after due deliberation here are his words of wisdom.

1st Nothing Left to Drink ;- Such a simple idea and yet so beguiling. The handle of the mug forms a zero and little else in the image to distract the viewer. It really works for me, though I may have been tempted to include the rest of the handles shadow to add an eight to the numbers theme.
2nd Safety in Numbers ;- A somewhat confused and scrappy image, but that added to the drama of the subject. At first I thought that it needed more space round the players and the vertical supports, but one actually gets a feeling of being ‘in the mix’. I assume the black sock on the extreme left of the picture is the referee coming to join in, his inclusion may have added to the drama.
3rd When Britain Ruled the Textile Industry ;- This image really sums up the decline of the textile industry. The diagonal presentation adds a dynamic element and you just have to try and read how many yards of material have been recorded. An interesting social history image. Just needed a little more depth of field, if only the near edge of the counter had been in focus it would have been one place higher.
Commended ;- Lego Bricks – What a great image! I really liked the lighting and the attention to detail, but I just could not justify it being in a competition with a subject of numbers.

So there you have it. Now, of course, you want to know who the authors were. Well in first place was ….. yours truly Steve Wright with “Nothing Left to Drink” (it’s funny what you do when you’re sat at a cafe waiting for your wife and you have a camera in your hand!). Second was Keith Williams with “Safety in Numbers” (a fellow Trinity supporter/sufferer I see) and in third place was Sally Sallett with “When Britain Ruled the Textile Industry”. Thanks to everyone who entered and you can see all the images and authors below and here. Now on to March when the subject is “Water”. Strange how all the rain has suddenly stopped isn’t it! Come on and have a go. We’ve plenty of water from the kitchen tap to the River Calder and everything inbetween so there’s nothing to stop you. I look forward to seeing your entries.

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